Upgrade Your Membership

Why Upgrade Your Membership? 

Upgrading your membership in November comes with a host of benefits that can greatly enhance your experience. From exclusive access to premium features to early access to upcoming events, the perks are endless. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take advantage of all that our membership has to offer. Upgrade now and elevate your experience to the next level!


What is a Tokenize Membership?

There are 3 membership tiers within Tokenize Xchange: Normal, Premium & Platinum Membership. All users within Tokenize Xchange begin as a Normal Member. As a Normal Member, there are no membership fees and no expiration date. 

Members can choose to upgrade their membership by paying and staking our Tokenize Xchange emblem – TKX. 

How to upgrade your membership => https://support.tokenize.exchange/hc/en-gb/articles/4403073307033-How-to-upgrade-your-membership-


Benefits of Upgrading Your Membership

Being a member grants you extra advantages, such as exclusive access to resources, discounts, networking opportunities, better rates, trading fee discounts and the ability to contribute to the community or organization.

1)Fuss-free deposits via bank transfer with 0 fiat transaction fees 

Deposit funds directly to your Tokenize Xchange account via bank transfer when you upgrade to a Premium/Platinum Member. 

2) Enjoy lower trading fees per transaction

As a Premium or Platinum Member, you will get to enjoy lower trading fees for each trade that you make!

Benefits of owning a Tokenize Membership => https://support.tokenize.exchange/hc/en-gb/articles/4402950577689-Premium-and-Platinum-Membership


Why Upgrade Your Membership in November? 

1) Extra Rewards

When you upgrade or renew your membership subscription this November, you will not only receive exclusive member perks, but you will also have the opportunity to win extra amazing gifts:

  • Exclusive Tokenize leather wine box along with wine accessories and a bottle of 2021 Aegerter Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir Reserve Personnelle
  • Limited Edition Tokenize Xchange Gadget Pouch
  • Tokenize Xchange Gold Coin

For more details: https://tokenize.exchange/blog/article/get-ready-for-amazing-rewards-from-11-11


2) Better Prices

Our membership fees will be increased on December 1, 2023, so November will be your last chance to upgrade or renew your membership at the current price. 

For more details: https://tokenize.exchange/blog/article/membership-fee-revision 


3) Special Bundle 

Make the most out of your purchase by buying in bundles! You’ll save more by taking up a Premium membership on a 2-year or 3-year deal!

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