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What is Your Worst Worry in Trading Crypto? Tell Us to Win 5 TKX

Join our FB Group Tokenize Community & comment your answer to the question:

The top 3 comments with most likes would get 5 TKX each!

  • Entrance closed at 12AM / 22nd September, 2021 (SGT)
  • Only the comments in Tokenize Community are counted eligible

Webinar: ‘Crypto & Equities Outlook’

Need an answer to the question ‘How to stay ahead of the market?’. Join Tokenize Xchange’s September Webinar featuring Alson and Alex from Marketwise.

Don’t miss it!

Podcast: ‘5 Digit Losses to 7 Digit Gains — Our Roller Coaster Journey in the Crypto Market

On 24th September, we will air a special podcast on our Tokenize Xchange Youtube channel.

Join us for:

  • The story of how we started in crypto and our current status.
  • The current and future crypto trends
  • The myths around crypto trading
  • Our suggestions for people’s hesitations about trading crypto


See you there.

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TKX to the Moon/cake Ending Soon

The clock is ticking. The ‘TKX to the Moon/cake’ will end at 12AM 16th September SGT!

This fancy Tokenize Xchange x Marriott Tang Plaza mooncake set (worth S$86) is still waiting to come home with you.

Details HERE

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3 Crypto Portfolio Trackers to Help You Manage Your Investment

When you begin investing in more than one cryptocurrency, you may meet difficulties in catching up with the loss and profit of each digital asset. Hence, a portfolio tracker would be a great idea to help you follow up on your investment. Let’s take a look at 3 crypto portfolio trackers below with Tokenize Xchange!

What is a crypto portfolio tracker?

In a nutshell, a crypto portfolio is the combination of all the cryptocurrencies you are owning. For example, if you are holding 10 different digital assets such as BTC, ETH, XRP, MATIC, USDT, etc, it means you are owning a crypto portfolio including those assets.

Your portfolio value is the market price of all your crypto in your portfolio. The more digital assets you have, the more diversified your crypto portfolio becomes. So, how do you monitor the price changes of each crypto asset over time? A crypto portfolio tracker will be the answer.


What is Metaverse? Will It Soon Become a Trend?

Facebook has recently announced the creation of a team dedicated to realizing CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious vision: the Metaverse project. Said Zuckerberg: “Our overarching goal across all of these initiatives is to help bring the metaverse to life.” So what is Metaverse? And why everyone is talking about it? Will metaverse become a new trend like NFTs? Check out this article right away!


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