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Dear Tokenizers,

We are thrilled to announce that Worldcoin(WLD) will be trading live on Tokenize Xchange from  26 July 2023, 10:00 SGT. Users can now buy WLD instantly in SGD and USD. 



Founded in 2019 by OpenAI chief Sam Altman, Worldcoin (WLD) is designed as a utility token with governance properties, empowering users by allowing them to shape the future of the protocol. 

The primary feature of the project is the World ID, which is referred to by the company as a “digital passport” that serves as evidence of an individual’s human identity rather than that of an AI bot. To obtain a World ID, customers must undergo an in-person iris scan using Worldcoin’s ‘orb’, a silver ball about the size of a bowling ball. After confirming the person’s authenticity through the iris scan, the orb generates a World ID.

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What can you do with WLD on Tokenize Xchange? 

Trade WLD directly with Singapore Dollars (SGD) and US Dollars (USD)

  • Tokenize Xchange users will be able to buy & sell WLD in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and US Dollars (USD) when they fund their accounts with SGD or USD. 
  • Deposit and Withdrawal wallet functions to be announced again.



Tokenize Xchange Team,

July 25, 2023

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