The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.195| Jun 2022)

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2.9% Rebate for Credit/Debit Card Returns

Tokenize Xchange is welcoming July with our well-received 2.9% Rebate applied for Premium and Platinum users who use credit/debit card.

Learn how to deposit with a credit/debit card on Tokenize Xchange here.

All the Premium and Platinum users who use a credit/debit card to deposit on Tokenize Xchange from 1/7/22 00:00 to 31/7/22 23:59 will receive 2.9% TKX rebates into their wallets within the next hour (based on that hour TKX price).

Make sure you have upgraded your membership to Premium/Platinum to enjoy this exclusive promotion and many more opportunities in the future.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your membership right now to receive the best promotion in July!

[TKX Give-away] Webinar: Catch-Up with Tokenize

How to Survive the Bear Market

Join us for a mid-year review of the current cryptocurrency market and what to expect in the coming months. As a gift, Tokenize Xchange will give out free TKX for all users who join the webinar HERE.

Stay till the end to find out more!

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Tokenize Xchange is Supporting the Ethereum Gray Glacier

Tokenize Xchange will be supporting the Ethereum Gray Glacier network update and will be suspending deposits and withdrawals for all Ethereum and ERC20 tokens temporarily from 30th June 2022 16:00 SGT.

Kindly take note that all trading pairs will not be affected during this upgrade.
Once the upgraded network has been deemed stabilized, deposit and withdrawal functions will resume as per usual. Please refer HERE for more information on the network upgrade.

Thank you for your support and please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any further enquiries.

Reminder: Crypto Earn Yield Reduction from 4.7.2022

The reduction will be happening soon this 4th July, 2022. So dear users, please make sure you deposit and take advantage of the current rates before the adjustment.

  • This adjustment applies to any new deposits made on Crypto Earn after 4th July, 2022, 00:00 SGT.
  • Any existing Crypto Earn deposits will not be affected by the change, and will continue to earn the current rates for up to 12 months from the date of staking.
  • After one year, your deposits will automatically be withdrawn and returned to your wallet.

Please access our website, go to our Crypto Earn page from 4th July, 2022 to check out the new yields.

A New Referral Program is Coming

A whole new feature is expected to arrive at Tokenize Xchange soon. This program is expected to bring our users an opportunity to earn great rewards from inviting their friends to our platform.

What’s even better? This program is in conjunction with our old referral program. Which means extra rewards for our users.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding this awesome feature.

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Tokenize is Attending Singapore Blockchain Week 2022

Tokenize Xchange is excited to announce that we will attend the Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 — the premier Blockchain event in Singapore.

About the event

Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, hosted by the Blockchain Association of Singapore, the country’s biggest blockchain event, from July 25 to July 29. Leading companies and industry experts get together throughout the week-long event to debate and present the upcoming major advancements in the digital revolution.

Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors and Members representing the regulatory, technology and business communities will converge in multiple locations across Singapore. These gatherings and events further solidify Singapore’s standing as a major Blockchain hub.

  • Contribute strongly to the brand of Singapore as the best place to locate a Blockchain company
  • Bring together global regulators, technology, and business community
  • Develop an agenda that emphasizes Singapore’s centrality to Blockchain & Finance in Asia
  • Facilitate high-level networking
  • Attract delegations from Blockchain organizations around the world

During the 7 days of Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, attendees will have the chance to discuss rapidly developing phenomena of NFT, DeFi, Gamefi and Metaverse and participate in many \activities, from Hackathon, Conference, Exhibition to Career Fair. And don’t forget Gala dinners and Networking parties.

Save your date

On 27th July 2022 (4:15pm — 5:00pm SGT), Travis Teo, Tokenize Xchange’s Head of Business Development is having a discussion on Web2 to Web3: How Should Companies Get Involved. This would be a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to learn about the decentralization concept and Web3 applications.

To participate in Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, please register HERE.

How to Protect Your Crypto Wallet from Cyberattack

Crypto hacking is one of the most painful problems in the crypto market. According to statistical data, six times as many cryptocurrencies were taken by criminal hackers in 2021 as it was in 2020, totaling about $3.2 billion. In particular, hacking user wallets is often chosen by hackers because it is much simple than other methods. So how do we protect crypto wallets? Check out the following tips from Tokenize Xchange!

So how do we protect crypto wallets?


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