tokenize give-away
tokenize give-away
tokenize give-away
Aftershock Forge 15S + Free TKX

Aftershock Forge 15S + Free TKX

Welcome, August with this astonishing give-away. Receive amazing prizes just by following our Telegram and inviting your friends!

How to participate

Step 1: Join our telegram channel –

Step 2: Invite your friends to our Telegram by sending our Invitation Link to them (Optional, for determining the winner of Aftershock Laptop)

Step 3: Fill up the Google form –

*** Note: The Aftershock Forge 15S Give-away is available for SG residence only, international users can still apply for free TKX.


Referrer with the most numbers of referrals (SG residence only):

1 x Aftershock Laptop (worth $1,695) Forge 15S | RTX 3050 + i5 11400H

For every user who joins our Telegram Announcement channel:

1 TKX (worth approx. $6)

General Rules

  1. Aftershock Laptop rewards are only available for those users residing in Singapore.
  2. The Aftershock Laptop is given to the referrer with the most number of referrals (Top 3 referrers will be updated Weekly in our Telegram Announcement channel)
  3. 1 TKX reward available for users who have KYC-ed, joins the telegram group and submits the form
  4. The promotion period runs from the month of August – 1st August to 31st August
  5. Multiple submissions will not be allowed (checks will be done against tele handles)

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