Terms & Conditions of AXS Webinar Give-away

axs webinar giveaway

** TERMS & CONDITIONS: Earn up to 100 TKX by inviting your friends! ACCESS HERE You will get 5 TKX for every friend who signs up, pass KYC and trade 1000USD worth of crypto with Tokenize Xchange. Your friends will get 5 TKX too by using the referral link upon successful onboard and trade 1000USD worth of crypto. Earn up… Continue reading Terms & Conditions of AXS Webinar Give-away


tokenize give-away

Aftershock Forge 15S + Free TKX Welcome, August with this astonishing give-away. Receive amazing prizes just by following our Telegram and inviting your friends! How to participate Step 1: Join our telegram channel – https://t.me/tkxannoucement Step 2: Invite your friends to our Telegram by sending our Invitation Link to them (Optional, for determining the winner… Continue reading TELEGRAM SPECIAL GIVE-AWAY