Singapore national holiday upgrade

Singapore’s 56th Birthday is approaching. To celebrate this meaningful milestone, Tokenize Xchange is happy to announce some of our big Crypto Earn & Dual Earn updates.

1. Introducing new Dual Earn pairs:

Obtain the highest possible reward while satisfying your digital asset risk appetite with Dual Earn. Regardless of market-moving higher or lower, users are still able to earn from the crypto rewards.

Two new Dual Pairs will be added to the list from this 9th August:

  • TKX-MATIC 12% P.A
  • TKX-INJ 33% P.A

2. Adjusted Crypto Earn rates:

Tokenize Crypto Earn allows you to safely deposit your cryptocurrencies with us to earn monthly interests in your crypto.

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) calculated by simple interest.
  • APY (Annual Percentage Yield) that users would get if you use our auto compound feature.
Tokenize newsletter
Adjusted Crypto Earn APR from 9th August, 2021
Tokenize newsletter
Adjusted Crypto Earn APR from 9th August, 2021

3. Adjusted withdrawal fees:

For USDT, USDC and DAI withdrawal fees will be reduced to 10USDT respectively.


  • Applied from 12AM 9th August 2021.
  • All current deposits in earn to be upgraded to this enhanced yield.
  • When users deposit when the enhanced yield is live, users can enjoy the higher interest for 1 year so long as you don’t withdraw (even if our interest rates are revised later on).
  • However, once a user has withdrawn from the earn product and wants to put in again, it would be the latest rate (which might be revised later on).
  • All deposits would automatically revert back to the normalized/ revised rate after a 1 year time period.

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