Here’s 5 Reasons To Buy TKX Tokens in 2022

buy TKX tokenize xchange

buy TKX tokenize xchange

Tokenize Xchange users must be so familiar with TKX – Tokenize Emblem – the native token of the platform. TKX tokens were developed for many purposes, from promotion rewards, paying trading fees, to governance tokens. In this article, we would reveal to you 5 reasons to buy TKX in 2022. Let’s find out! 

1. Enjoy 30% discount on trading fee

By holding TKX in your wallet, you can easily pay the trading fee with your TKX to enjoy 30% discount from Tokenize Xchange. Without holding TKX, you would have to pay 0.02% to 0.8% trading fee as below:

tokenize xchange trading fee
Tokenize xchange trading fee


  • Trading fee is charged only at the point of completion of order.
  • Min Fee : SGD : 1 ; TKX : 0.01

With only two simple steps, you will easily get the benefit of a 30% discount on trading fee.

Step 1: Login and click Profile

Step 2: Scroll down and select “Preferences”. Click on the button to enable the discount. 

That’s it! Buy TKX and enjoy your discount right now!

2. Buying TKX for ZERO-FEE withdrawal

Not only provide you with higher staking returns, staking TKX saves you a lot with the zero-fee withdrawal as well.

Normally, users would need to pay from 0.02% to 0.1% to withdraw your digital assets from the platform. However, this withdrawal fee would become 0 if you are Platinum users holding at least 5,000 TKX in your wallet.

3. Join Dual Earn with a higher APR

Holding 100 TKX in your wallet would bring you a higher APR when staking any crypto coin in Dual Earn Program. 

The without 100 TKX Staking and with 100 TKX Staking button, allows you to see what is the higher APR% ( annual Yield ) when you paired with 100TKX without actually staking first. Please refer to the platform for the updated real-time APR%.

Staking without TKX
Staking without TKX
Staking with TKX
Staking with TKX

What is Dual Earn? 

Dual Earn is staking with TKX (not to confuse with standalone TKX deposit), an option whereby users have 100TKX in their main wallet and they would like to pair this 100TKX with their non TKX deposits. Deposits that are paired with 100TKX will enjoy a higher APR and this pairing will become flexi withdrawal as well. 

>>>Understand APR in staking 

This process can only be selected and executed at the start of each deposit after you have clicked stake on the token you want to deposit. 

4. Upgrade membership

Last but not least, upgrading membership in Tokenize Xchange is the reason why you should buy TKX. There are 3 membership tiers within Tokenize Xchange. Members can choose to upgrade their membership by paying and staking our Tokenize Xchange emblem – TKX. 

All users within Tokenize Xchange begin as Normal Members. As a Normal Member, there are no membership fees and no expiration date. 

To upgrade to a Premium Member, users should pay 80 TKX per year to enjoy benefits and perks of being a Premium Member, such as lower trading fees, 0 transaction fees, etc. 

Becoming a Platinum Member requires users to pay 80 TKX and stake 720 TKX per year. Platinum Members enjoy platinum trading rates while having access to exclusive perks.

>>>How to upgrade membership

5. A good investment

Besides buying TKX as the utility token of the exchange like saving trading fees, earning more staking rewards, and getting profit-sharing rewards, Tokenize Emblem TKX is such a good investment as well. 

In 2021 TKX has strongly grown by x3 times to SG$12.37 at the time this article was written. During the recent market correction, TKX prices still experience an uptrend, showing the great performance of Tokenize. Moreover, Tokenize Xchange has been in the top 10 of top CEX tokens with the highest 24h volume according to Coingecko. 

Tokenize Xchange
Tokenize Xchange has been in the top 10 of top CEX tokens with the highest 24h volume

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in 2022, TKX would be an excellent choice due to its potential in the cryptocurrency market. 

How to buy TKX?

If you are wondering how to buy TKX in Singapore, Tokenize Xchange would be the answer. Investors can easily sell and buy TKX on Tokenize Xchange with just a click. 


Don’t forget to finish KYC and start your investment journey with us.

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***Be kindly noted that the article is the personal opinion of the writer, not Tokenize Xchange’s investment advice.

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