Introduction To Chainlink

what is chainlink

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become extremely popular all around the world due to the demand for a decentralized currency. However, there are constraints on blockchain that limit the input data they may receive. As a result, some form of bridge is required so that these systems can transfer real-world data to the blockchain networks. That is the specific issue that Chainlink can assist with. Let’s find out the mechanism of Chainlink and its benefits with Tokenize Xchange – Singapore Crypto Trading Platform. 

what is chainlink

What is Chainlink and LINK token?

Before digging into the explanation of Chainlink, we need to understand the term “oracle”. 

Oracles are service providers that send off-blockchain data to a blockchain protocol (which can be one or various smart contracts). Oracles are third-party information service providers that send external real-world data to a blockchain protocol (often to a smart contract or numerous smart contracts). Oracles can be centralized and managed by a single entity, or they can be decentralized and rely on several data sets. 

The common use of oracles now is to provide data feeds and prices required for the trustless execution of smart contracts used by financial mechanisms in the DeFi sector. 

ChainLink is the first oracle project that can be used to transmit data via oracles from off-blockchain sources to on-blockchain smart contracts. Chainlink popularized the idea of “oracles,” decentralized data providers that supply blockchains with information like price feeds, weather reports, insurance data, and other helpful data. 

The project operates as a link between real-world data and Ethereum and other cryptocurrency networks’ smart contracts. Due to its collaborations and integrations with a variety of well-known businesses, such as Google and Oracle, over $75 billion in data from decentralized applications is secured with the use of these oracles.

The native token of Chainlink network – LINK was issued through ICO. This cryptocurrency is operating on the Ethereum Blockchain platform according to ERC – 677 standard.

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How does Chainlink work?

Chainlink is used by several organizations to maintain data in a secure, open, and long-lasting manner. In the past, databases were constantly used, however, they were frequently internal and prone to change. Even though the two parties had an agreement in place, if each party had its own secret database, there would be conflict and unethical behavior.

The requirement for trust is eliminated by having a smart contract that automatically executes when certain criteria are satisfied and all data is on a decentralized, transparent ledger. As a result, it is easier to keep everyone in line.

ChainLink functions by linking the network’s internal blockchain infrastructure to third-party apps. ChainLink has two ends, one is integrated with an API (Application Programming Interface), and the other is connected to the blockchain. The foundation of the solution is based on oracles in order to reduce the reliance on a single party and operate without a hitch in a decentralized infrastructure.

Capabilities from both the on-chain and off-chain rely on its primary role. In contrast to off-chain architecture, which uses nodes connected to reserves via APIs to gather data, on-chain architecture is created on the Ethereum blockchain. To carry out contracts, both architectures interact with one another. The software at ChainLink converts the off-chain data so that it may also be read on-chain.

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Benefits of using Chainlink network

The adoption of blockchain

Chainlink will undoubtedly be involved if blockchains take off as the standard. If blockchains gain popularity and various countries around the world start to use blockchain-based currencies like CBDC, you can only imagine the demand that Chainlink will encounter. By utilizing Chainlink nodes to transport data between enterprise organizations or banks and blockchain networks, the project might provide complete support for the future blockchain economy.

Narrow Market

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle, which is a very specialized market. The project doesn’t compete with any of the major competitors, including Solana, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. As a third layer of blockchain technology, Chainlink supports the aforementioned projects. Therefore, Chainlink can provide oracle services for any Layer 1 and Layer 2 applications. In fact, Chainlink has been providing services for notable projects like Aave, Synthetix, etc.

Excellent compatibility

The foundations of Chainlink are among the platforms that have excellent compatibility. It features a transparent roadmap with doable objectives and offers an easy approach to linking or integrating any blockchain via APIs. The project includes a number of application cases for Defi, NFT & gaming, businesses, social impact, etc.

Chainlink can be used with any blockchain network because it is blockchain agnostic. This enables the project to make use of its potent technology to deliver data to various institutions and market participants while making sure that it is accurate, timely, and uncorrupted.

Bottom line

Among several blockchain projects rising, Chainlink still keeps its position being the first oracle in the cryptocurrency market. With the orientation to improve stability and popularize the unique business model, the future of Chainlink is still very potent.

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