Introducing Elemint — An NFT Marketplace Made Easy For All

Elemint NFT

Elemint NFT

Elemint — Empowering the Creator Economy

For creators, the Elemint NFT solution includes a supporting system for artists & brands to turn their works into NFTs, a state-of-the-art system of asset custody, and cost-effective minting methods so you can launch your projects with ease.

For collectors, Elemint aims to utilize their expertise with blockchain technology, user experience design, competitive fee structure, and innovative minting methods to help users purchase and trade NFTs seamlessly without worrying about gas fees, and knowing that all of your assets are well-protected.

Elemint’s Mission

Elemint’s mission is to enable widespread and sustainable adoption of NFTs, and it starts by empowering brands and digital creators. They are building tools that allow collectors to trade their items freely, creators to launch authentic and unique digital works, and connect them through our vibrant and integrated marketplace.

Why Choose Elemint?

  • Innovative Creators

Browse and build your collection of premium and exclusive NFTs created by globally leading artists.

  • Quality and Diverse Works

Mint, purchase and bid for premier NFTs from around the world. Join Elemint’s premium events and exhibitions for a chance to win certifiably rare and unique NFTs.

  • Dynamic Platform

All transactions on Elemint’s safe and secured marketplace happen on-chain, creating a tamper-proof record of each asset’s history.

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First NFT Collection on Elemint: Poker Penguin

As a Singapore-based NFT marketplace, Elemint is cooperating with Poker Penguin for the purpose of creating a platform that serves the needs of artists, designers, and brands — and their communities.

The Poker Penguins project is an Ethereum-based NFT collection with a set of 936 digital collectibles, for minting. The Poker Penguin is now open for minting on Elemint.

Each penguin has a unique set of traits and gives the owners access to the smart money trader’s extensive connections. Holders will gain access to perks such as membership, NFT coaching, access to an exclusive community discussing stocks, crypto, and NFTs, and Special events such as meet-ups, and private yacht parties.

If you are interested in Poker Penguin, please take a look at this Medium articleElemint’s social media and Poker Penguin’s website.

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