Crypto as Christmas gifts! Why not?

crypto for christmas gift

Christmas is the perfect occasion to give your loved ones meaningful presents to show them how much you appreciate them. However, to find out the perfect gift is so challenging for anyone. No worries, Tokenize Xchange is here to help you! Forget about gift cards, sweaters, and socks! Let’s send them crypto! If you are still hesitating, below are 3 reasons to send Crypto as Christmas gifts

christmas gift as crypto

1. Crypto can be easily transferred globally  

How could you give someone halfway around the world your Christmas present without paying insane delivery fees? The same story happens for sending cash abroad. While some countries have strict rules for transferring money abroad, others charge freaking high international transfer fees. 

Hence, if you are looking for a cheaper way to deliver your present abroad, you may want to try crypto. It would cost you… nothing to send crypto assets from your Tokenize wallet to another’s! 

sending crypto for Christmas
How could you give someone halfway around the world your Christmas present without paying insane delivery fees?

Furthermore, most crypto wallets would charge you a smaller fee compared to other international transfer methods like Western Union or Paypal. By sending crypto, you will save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort to prepare, wrap, and send your gift.

Why do you need to look for a gift a month before Christmas while it takes you just a few hours to transfer an ETH to your loved ones?

2. Crypto is a good investment 

No need to say anything more about this purpose! With the value increasing by 60 times in 6 years from 2016 to 2021, Bitcoin has become one of the best investments with high profit. Though FUD news has been surrounding the market year by year, Bitcoin has been growing strongly in popularity, price, trade volume, and market cap.  

bitcoin for christmas gift
Buying crypto for your loved ones might bring them a profit in the future

Buying crypto for your loved ones would bring them a profit in the future. That would be an advantage of crypto as a Christmas gift. A few months later, they would thank you for the profit they get, isn’t it great?

Furthermore, if the receiver is a crypto investor, this present is nothing but perfect! But if they’re not, it might be the chance for them to put the first step in crypto space and crypto investment. Since Blockchain is the future, it’s never too late to learn about cryptocurrency. 

3. Crypto can be used as the payment method 

Not only an investment, but cryptocurrency has also been a payment method for online shopping. Below are some firms that accept cryptocurrency payment: 

  • Virgin Galactic: Since 2013, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airlines accept Bitcoin payment for space travel. 
  • Since 2013, you can pay for your flight or hotel booking using some digital currencies and stablecoins, including BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, GUSD, USDC, PAX, BUSD, DAI, WBTC. 
  • Miami Dolphins: The Miami Dolphins intend to give home game attendees the ability to pay with LTC and BTC when buying tickets for the team’s 50/50 raffle, where half of the proceeds benefit Miami Dolphins Foundation and its charitable causes.
  • Pizza Huts: Since November 2020, Pizza Hut could be purchased and paid for with Bitcoin in Venezuela. This decision from the giant Pizza company drove crypto acceptance to a new level. While this step is far from being global, it could be an indication of things to come.
  • And many more businesses that accept cryptocurrency payment. 

How to send Crypto as a Christmas gift? 

Sending Crypto to your loved ones this Christmas has never been easier with Tokenize Xchange. Check out 5 steps below to send out your crypto!

Step 1: Click Wallet, select My asset

Step 2: Go to the coin that you wish to deposit

For example: If you want to withdraw BTC, choose BTC and click on Withdraw. The dashboard will show the information as below : 

how to transfer crypto from Tokenize wallet
Fill in all the information

Step 3: Fill in the information

If you have not added the withdrawal address on the whitelist yet, please click on the Address Management button. The dashboard will be the information as below. Please select a coin, enter the address. You can also set the nickname for it then click on Submit

transfer crypto in tokenize
If you have not added the withdrawal address on the whitelist yet, please click on the Address Management button

Click Internal transfer agreement if you are sending to another Tokenize wallet. Select the address of receivers, click Withdraw.

For security reasons, you will be prompted to enter your Email verification code and Google authentication code.

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Done! Your loved ones will get your Christmas gifts in a few hours! Check out Tokenize Xchange’s promotion for Christmas this year to maximize your profit.

How about you? Will you send crypto as Christmas gifts this holiday season? Don’t hesitate to tell us and keep following Tokenize Blog for more helpful articles!

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