Crypto Earns Updated Yields From 11.4.2022

crypto earn
crypto earn
Crypto Earn yield updated

Here’s an announcement for the Tokenize Xchange users who participated in or are interested in our Crypto Earn feature to take note.

From 11th April 2022, we are adjusting some of the coin yields as below:

– Standalone TKX remains at 10%

Tokens (non-stablecoins) with 100 TKX staked from 8% to 6%

Tokens (non-stablecoins) without 100 TKX staked from 5% to 3%

Tokens (stablecoins) with 100 TKX staked remains at 12%

Tokens (stablecoins)without 100TKX staked from 10% to 9%


Users with existing deposits on Crypto Earn will not be affected by the change and will continue to enjoy the current rates for up to 12 months from the date of staking. The new APR will apply only for new deposits starting from 11th April 2022.

Please visit our Crypto Earn to find out about the new yields and start your smart passive income now.

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