In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness that complicated environmental and social problems may need to be adequately addressed by traditional philanthropic and government intervention strategies. A new approach known as SocialFi, or Social Finance, has been developed to use the power of finance to create positive social effects.   Definition of… Continue reading SocialFi

The Promising Future Of DeFi And AI

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the two most significant advancements in technology in recent years. With the strength of DeFi’s decentralized ecosystem combined with AI’s predictive and analytical powers, we can open up enormous potential opportunities in the future. However, the full impact of AI in DeFi has yet to be completely… Continue reading The Promising Future Of DeFi And AI

4 Uses Of dApps

Thanks to technology, middlemen are no longer necessary. DApps function like typical apps but the difference is that they are not governed by a single entity. DApps can’t be owned by a single company, they never go offline, and they can’t be turned off, in contrast to traditional apps. In this article, Tokenize Xchange –… Continue reading 4 Uses Of dApps

Everything You Need To Know About dApps

Blockchain technology and its ecosystem are no longer novel concepts. The blockchain industry has experienced significant expansion and developments, including dApps. Anyone who follows the most recent advancements in the blockchain industry would be familiar with the phrase. In this article, Tokenize Xchange – Digital Currency Trading Platform would introduce you to dApps – decentralized… Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About dApps

Web3 And DeFi: What Are The Differences?

difference between web3 and defi

DeFi and Web3 are two commonly used terms in the blockchain world. But the majority of users cannot distinguish or clearly understand these two terms. So what are the differences between Web3 and DeFi? And how do DeFi and Web3 interact with each other? Let’s clear things out with Tokenize Xchange! Understand DeFi Decentralized Finance… Continue reading Web3 And DeFi: What Are The Differences?

A Guide On GamefiĀ And Its Potential

a guide on gamefi

Although the ideas of GameFi have been applied before, it was not until Axie Infinity became a billion-dollar project in terms of capitalization that GameFi was noticed by many people. Since that event, it has achieved certain successes and gradually became a trend in the cryptocurrency market. So what is GameFi and what potential does… Continue reading A Guide On GamefiĀ And Its Potential

What is DeFi and why is it important?


Over the past few years, we have seen the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies. Most recently, Bitcoin (BTC) bounced back and hit $57,000, blowing a breath of fresh air into the crypto market that had already fallen deeply. Investors started pumping money into the market. However, in this article, Tokenize Xchange would tell you about DeFi,… Continue reading What is DeFi and why is it important?