An Overview Of Blockchain Scalability

  Scalability has been one of the major issues that blockchain networks have faced in recent years. To have a deeper understanding of blockchain scalability, let’s explore this article with #Tokenize101.   What is Blockchain Scalability? Blockchain Scalability refers to the ability of a blockchain network to handle an increasing number of transactions or data… Continue reading An Overview Of Blockchain Scalability

Proof-of-Stake Vs. Proof-of-Time

In blockchain technology, consensus algorithms are employed to determine which individuals are authorized to verify transactions on the network. The process for validators—also called nodes or miners—in a blockchain network to come to an agreement on the state of the network at any given time is called consensus algorithms. Essentially, this involves determining the authenticity… Continue reading Proof-of-Stake Vs. Proof-of-Time

Blockchain Audit: Definition and Operation

Centralized systems force people to abide by the agreement they have agreed to, while decentralized systems  ensure that no one can interfere with them. However, as with any new technology, it is important to ensure that blockchain technology is secure and working properly. That is why blockchain audits are so important.   What is a… Continue reading Blockchain Audit: Definition and Operation

Security Tokens vs Tokenized Securities

Tokenization is making its return in recent years. This may be reminiscent of the 2017-2018 golden period when everything was tokenized and placed on the blockchain. Banks rushed to introduce proof of concept, but few clients appear to be interested. The experiment has now gone beyond the original squad, and even managers are taking notice.… Continue reading Security Tokens vs Tokenized Securities

Understanding Layer 0

Considered a fundamental layer for blockchain networks and applications, Layer 0 blockchains are one of the many solutions aimed at addressing industry challenges such as scalability and interoperability. Learn more about Layer 0 with Tokenize Xchange, Asia’s Digital Currency Trading Platform.   Introduction  A blockchain ecosystem can be divided into different layers: Layer 0: The foundational… Continue reading Understanding Layer 0

The Shapella Upgrade: How Ethereum is Evolving

As one of the most widely-used blockchain platforms, Ethereum has enabled developers and businesses to create decentralized applications (dApps) and execute smart contracts with ease. However, as the Ethereum network continues to grow, it faces challenges in scalability and security. This is where the Shapella upgrade comes in. Today Tokenize Xchange will explain what the… Continue reading The Shapella Upgrade: How Ethereum is Evolving

What Are ZK Rollups?

Two of the biggest players in Ethereum gaming: Immutable X and Polygon have announced their partnership to establish a new network designed exclusively for Web3 gaming, powered by zkEVM technology, and new EVM-compatible ZK rollups powered by Polygon technology. So, what are ZK rollups? This article, Tokenize Xchange – Crypto Exchange Platform Singapore will explain… Continue reading What Are ZK Rollups?

Top 3 AI Tokens To Watch In 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology have emerged as two of the most revolutionary technologies since the previous decade. The combination of the two undeniably is mind-blowing to many crypto enthusiasts. In this article, Tokenize Xchange will discuss how AI tokens have become the new hype and the top 3 AI tokens in 2023 to… Continue reading Top 3 AI Tokens To Watch In 2023

Meet Optimism, The Ethereum layer 2 Solution And The Bedrock Upgrade

In March 2023, the Ethereum scaling network Optimistic which operates as a layer 2, announced its plans to enhance the network. The upgrade, named “Bedrock”,  intends to improve transfer speed, reduce costs, and improve interoperability with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Hence, today Tokenize Xchange – Blockchain Trading Platform will help you answer questions about… Continue reading Meet Optimism, The Ethereum layer 2 Solution And The Bedrock Upgrade

Proof of Authority: Everything You Need To Know

what is proof of authority PoA

Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) are used in many current Blockchains. However, these algorithms all have pros and cons. With the ability to execute transactions every second faster, the Proof of Authority (PoA) mechanism has become the alternative in many cases. This article, Tokenize Xchange – Digital Currency Trading Platform will… Continue reading Proof of Authority: Everything You Need To Know