How to buy crypto with credit and debit cards in Singapore?

Credit and debit card top-ups

*Please note that credit/debit card deposit has been suspended till further notice. Thank you for your understanding!

Debit and Credit card payment has become one of the most convenient methods to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Singapore. If you are a newbie in crypto trading who is looking for a digital asset trading platform that supports debit and credit deposits, this article is for you! Scroll down to see how to buy crypto with credit and debit cards in Singapore!

buy crypto with credit and debit cards
Debit and Credit card payment has become one of the most convenient methods to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

10 steps to buy crypto with credit and debit cards in Singapore

Tokenize Xchangethe best Buy Bitcoin and other crypto exchange in Singapore has been offering all users to Buy Bitcoin Via Debit, Credit Card. Investors and traders now can seamlessly buy and sell digital assets easily and flexibly.

Below is a step-by-step instruction to buy cryptocurrency with debit/credit card with Tokenize Xchange. Let’s find out!

Step 1: Register for a new account and finish KYC on Tokenize Xchange

Step 2: Click on Wallet on the right corner and select Deposit

buy crypto with credit card
 Click on Wallet, then choose Deposit

Step 3: At Deposit Fiat, select SGD Singapore Dollar and Deposit via Debit/Credit card. 

Be noted that Tokenize Xchange accepts only VISA and Mastercard. 

Buy bitcoin in singapore
Select Deposit via Debit/Credit Card

Step 4: At Payment Detail, fill in the Amount section and select Deposit with a new card. 

Step 5: Click Continue and enter your Debit/Credit card information

buy crypto with a credit card in singpore
 Enter your billing information

Step 6: Check your email inbox to get confirmation that your card has been successfully charged. 

Step 7: Click on Trade and select Spot 

Step 8: Select market and trading pair to buy from the right column

Best way to buy crypto with credit cards
Select trading pair in the right column

Step 9: Buy/Sell cryptocurrency with Limit/Market/Stop/Trailing Stop order

How to buy and sell crypto with credit cards
How to buy and sell crypto on Tokenize Xchange

Step 10: Confirm your order

How much does it cost?

Though convenient, buying crypto with credit and debit cards might be costly since you might be charged some fees like trading fees and deposit fees. 

Trading fee

The exchange might charge a service fee for users to buy and sell digital currencies. For example, Tokenize Xchange offers 50+ cryptocurrencies to exchange including BTC, ETH, etc. Users are able to trade Fiat-Crypto and Crypto-Crypto with a low commission compared to many other crypto exchanges

Trading Fees Normal Premium Platinum
Fiat-Crypto 0.6% 0.30% 0.05%
Crypto-Crypto 0.15% 0.05% 0.01%

Also, users will get a 30% discount for using TKX to pay for trading fees. With just two simple steps, customers can enjoy the benefit of a 30% discount on the trading fee. Click for more detail: Tokenize Xchange Trading Fee 

Deposit fee

Tokenize Xchange’s fees for credit/debit card top-ups are 2.9% per transaction at a minimum of SGD 100 per top-up. Be kindly noted that these fees are not paid to Tokenize Xchange and we do not earn from them. 

To bring our customers the best trading experience, Tokenize Xchange is now offering ZERO-FEE credit and debit card deposits from Sep1st 2021 to the end of the month! Click for more details: Zero-fee credit/debit card top-ups for September 2021

>>>Click for other methods to deposit SGD in Tokenize Xchange

Trading and investing in crypto can never be simpler! Within 10 steps, you can now easily buy crypto with credit and debit cards in Singapore. Tokenize Xchange commits to provide our customers with the cheapest and fastest way to help you build a decentralized future!

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