Terms & Conditions of AXS Webinar Give-away

axs webinar giveaway
axs webinar giveaway


Earn up to 100 TKX by inviting your friends!


You will get 5 TKX for every friend who signs uppass KYC and trade 1000USD worth of crypto with Tokenize Xchange.

Your friends will get 5 TKX too by using the referral link upon successful onboard and trade 1000USD worth of crypto.

Earn up to 20 TKX by joining the webinar

Want to earn more TKX? On top of the referral commission, invite your friends to attend our Axie Infinity webinar!

If your friend attends the webinar, signs up, and passes KYC from 1st August to 31st August 2021, both of you will receive an additional 5 TKX!

**Limited to 20 TKX per user.

** If the referee passed KYC before 1st August or after 31st August, 2021, both the referee and referrer are ineligible to redeem the reward.

Register to the webinar with the email you registered on Tokenize Xchange

To enable us to check your referral status and deliver the reward to your wallet, please use the same email that you signed up on Tokenize Xchange to register for the webinar.

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