Ashes of Phoenix Collection 

ashes of phoenix

NFT fractionalization enables more people to enjoy the benefits of asset ownership while reducing the amount of upfront capital required per user, creating more inclusiveness for users who would otherwise have been priced out. And this is when the Ashes of Phoenix Collection comes in. 

Introduced to you by Tokenize Xchange, Ashes of Phoenix Collection is an NFT collection that brings both digital and real-world utilities to the holders. 

ashes of phoenix

What is the Ashes of Phoenix Collection?

Ashes of Phoenix NFTs are fractions of the Genesis TBFC (Phoenix). Owners of the Phoenix Tokens can participate in collective governance over Phoenix’s character arc, allocation of funds, framing of rules, and partnerships. 

The ultimate goal is to have fully decentralized governance of IP and hand the Phoenix IP to the community.

Basic information

  • Total supply: 10,000
  • Supply for sale on Opensea: 5,000
  • Price per NFT: 0.1 ETH

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How will the Ashes of Phoenix Collection benefit holders?

The Ashes of Phoenix (AoP) NFT Collection aims to be an NFT that brings value to its holders. We believe that the NFT is not just a way to create a strongly gated community but it should also bring both digital and real-world utilities to the holders.  

Utilities in the digital world

As a holder, the below variety of utilities makes them a unique and valuable asset in the digital world.

  • Unique ownership: Holders have ownership over scarce digital assets
  • Gaming: AoP will be used in future games.
  • Community: AoP can be used to verify identity for certain events, allowing for secure and transparent transactions.

Utilities in the real world

This series of NFTs is closely tied to Tokenize Xchange and holders will be incentivized with the following real-world perks

  • Free redeemable platinum membership on Tokenize Xchange
  • Raffle opportunities for giveaways
  • Perks on nplify (access to brands like Tunglok etc for discounted food and services when the platform goes live)
  • Exclusive events and passes to events that Tokenize sponsors or are a part of – In 2022 Tokenize sponsored (Blockchain Fest SG, BBRC Marquee Gala, Dreamers NFT event, Tokenize 5th Anniversary Monti party, Legacy Music Festival, Token2049, Pre SFF party at Level Up, SFF 2022)

Platinum membership redemption for Ashes of Phoenix holders

Calling all Ashes of Phoenix holders, it’s time to redeem your free Platinum Membership!

From May 2023, all Ashes of Phoenix holders will be able to redeem their free Platinum Membership and enjoy full benefits for Platinum members like low trading fees, free deposit, and free access to Crypto Loan Program.

Redemption Period

May 1, 10:00 AM SGT to Dec 31, 10:00 PM SGT

Terms and Conditions

For 1 YEAR of Platinum Membership:

  • Redeem before May 31, 10:00 PM SGT

For 6 MONTHS of Platinum Membership

  • Redeem from May 31, 10:00 PM SGT to Dec 31, 10:00 PM SGT

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