4 Ways to Deposit SGD to Your Wallet

4 methods to deposit
4 methods to deposit

Any Tokenize users are no longer strange to SGD depositing steps, however, beginners may be confused by many deposit methods. In this article, Tokenize Xchange will help you understand 4 ways to deposit SGD to your wallet to find out which one is suitable for you!

4 methods to deposit in buy crypto in singapore
4 methods to deposit SGD to your wallet

1. StraitsX 

Tokenize Xchange is using StraitsX Direct, if you have not used StraitsX in the past or do not have any bank accounts linked, that is fine. You can link your bank account to Tokenize Xchange by entering your bank account details and verify the account by sending an SGD deposit to Tokenize Xchange via StraitsX. 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have completed the steps below when depositing SGD into Tokenize Xchange via FAST

  • A maximum of SGD 20,000 to send for each transaction.
  • The deposit will be rejected if more than SGD 20,000 is sent.
  • Your bank account has been added to Tokenize Xchange as an SGD funding source.
  • Select only FAST transfer for your account to be credited instantly.
  • Failure to follow the steps above may cause more time to complete and lead to delay.

How to add your bank account?

Step 1: Click on Wallet, select Fiat and Spot, then click on Deposit button


Step 2: Kindly select StraitsX for deposit method

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If it’s the first time you deposit, the dashboard will show information that is requested to connect your StraitsX account to Tokenize Xchange. Please input your mobile number used in the registration of your Tokenize Account. Do note that it is no longer a requirement for users to separately go into StraitsX platform to open an account.

Key in your registered mobile number and receive your OTP.  Once key in the received OTP then click on ” Submit OTP”

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After linking your mobile number, please input the information below to link your bank account ( account number, account holder, bank ) then click on ” link bank account “.

  • Once confirmed, your bank account will be linked to Tokenize Xchange and the account number will be reflected as below page.  

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Step 3: Making a FAST Transfer 

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  • Click on the Request Deposit button for the transfer instructions will be shown. 
  • IMPORTANT: Take note of transfer type – FAST, Comment to Payee – Registered mobile number with Tokenize Xchange, and receiving bank account name and number – 17 digits unique bank account number. If any of these details are not detected by the system, it may result in errors.

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Bank account number and comment to payee have been redacted  from this sample image, but is available to view on your  actual Transfer Instructions page.

  • Using the provided details, make a FAST transfer to the 17 digits unique bank account number by using your bank’s mobile app or website.
  • Take note to input the comment to payee as shown in the instruction page before transfer.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the transfer to be credited to your StraitsX account. A notification will be sent to your email address upon completion.
  • Once the transfer is done, your wallet balance on Tokenize Xchange will be updated with the amount of your transfer.
  • Please note: FAST transfers sent from newly linked bank accounts may take up to 72 hours to get credited as it is mandatory to conduct verifications.

In the event that you have made an incorrect transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

2. Credit/Debit Card

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Please key in the credit card information and click on “Pay $XXX SGD” once completed. You are required to authenticate and approve by your assigned bank. 

Fiat deposit history will be able to view from Fiat Deposit History when you scroll down. 

3. Direct Bank Transfer (For Premium and Platinum members)

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Next, the dashboard will display the necessary bank information for a bank transfer to Tokenize Xchange. Make a bank transfer accordingly and click on “Add Account” 

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Check the email inbox and complete the deposit request. 

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  • Once we receive your deposit request form, we will verify whether your deposited funds are received and transferred from your designated bank account in your name. Please allow 5 minutes to process your deposit request.
  • Your deposit will be canceled if funds are NOT deposited within 24 hours from the receipt of the deposit request form.

4. GrabPay

Step 1: Select Grab Pay and key in the amount you wish to deposit, click on “Continue” once completed.

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* The fee is 1.5% for each transaction via Grab Pay

Step 2: You are required to authenticate by entering the mobile number.

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Step 3: An SMS with Grab Activation Code (GAC) will be sent to the entered mobile number. Enter GAC to proceed with the payment.

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Step 4: Once the SMS is verified, payment information page will be reflected, and select Pay to complete the payment.

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Step 5: When the Grab payment is successful, the page with Payment ID will be shown as below.

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This June, Tokenize offers all users with our GrabPay rebate program. You will receive a 1.5 percent TKX rebate if you top up your account with GrabPay. The promotion runs from 1st to 30th June 2022. 

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Now you have known how to deposit SGD into your Tokenize Wallet. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Also, remember to follow Tokenize Blog for further Promotion!

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